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Using TeamApp as a Coach

In WYL, many coaches use TeamApp to communicate with parents, schedule games and practices, and manage player availability.

It's not perfect, but it offers a few key advantages over email:

  • Scheduling: When you enter games and practices into TeamApp, parents have a single place to find your all your team's events. If they want, they can sync these events to their online calendar or phone.
  • Notifications: Email is fine for weekly updates, but when you need to immediately contact everyone on your team about a last minute rain delay or field change, TeamApp's push notifications are great.
  • Availability: When you enter games into TeamApp, you can use the RSVP function to allow parents to enter their player's availability. So, you'll always know who's available for your games. And, parents can update this if/when their plans change.
  • Team chat: This gives your parents a place to find or offer rides, track down missing gear, plan post-game pizza, etc.

If you plan to use TeamApp for your team, it's important to make sure that parents have the app, have joined WYL, and have joined your team's group.

To guide them through that process, you can send them to this link, (which is also available under For Parents in the main navigation on this website):

Signing up on TeamApp

Here are a few important thing's that you'll need to know as coach:

See which parents on your team are using TeamApp

Enter your team's practices and games on TeamApp

If you have any questions, or run into any trouble, just email , and he'll try his best to help.