Boys' youth lacrosse program in Westwood, MA

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Why Wall Ball?

Wall Ball drills are one of the most fundamental exercises players can do to dramatically improve their wrist & arm strength, throwing, catching and general stick skills as well as their fluency with their non-dominant hand. A quick Google search of "Lacrosse Wall Ball" will turn up a bunch of articles about the importance of routine wall ball practice to player development.

Why a Challenge?

In an effort to help our players develop this healthy habit, WYL is trying out a Spring Wall Ball Challenge. Participation in the challenge is completely optional.

It's intended to be a fun way for kids to earn rewards and recognition for their participation and to motivate one another. The goal isn't for individual players to outshine others; it's for all of our players to be motivated to practice when they see the practice their teammates are putting in.

Everyone's a winner; everyone's skills improve. Every player who hits the weekly goal will receive a Wolverine helmet sticker.

These stickers are a badge of honor for putting in the work. In addition, for each week a player earns a sticker, he will earn an entry into a monthly drawing for a $50 Gift Card to Lacrosse Unlimited. We will give away one $50 gift card for each age group (G12, G34, G56, and G78). Players will be eligible to win a maximum of one monthly drawing.

What Is a Good Routine?

A player's routine will evolve over time. For our beginners, just getting out there and doing some throwing and catching with both the left and right hand will improve players' skills and establish a good practice habit. As players develop and their basic skills improve, they may move on to more varied routines that develop a broader set of skills. Routines should emphasize developing strength and fluency in players' non-dominant hand, so reps in the non-dominant hand should be roughly double that for the dominant hand. So, for example, if a player does 150 reps in an exercise, 50 should be in the dominant hand and 100 in the non-dominant hand.

For examples of more advanced practice routines including some demo videos:

What's the Challenge?

Since we encourage and support our players participating in other sports and activities, we set the goals as weekly rather than daily to build in flexibility. These weekly goals are based on a daily average.

Each week, players will earn a helmet sticker when they hit the weekly goal for their age group as follows:

  • G12: 700 reps/week (average or 100 reps/5-10 minutes/day)
  • G34: 1050 reps/week (average or 150 reps/10 minutes/day)
  • G56: 1400 reps/week (average or 200 reps/15 minutes/day)
  • G78: 1750 reps/week (average or 250 reps/15-20 minutes/day)

In addition, each week a player hits the goal, he will also earn an entry into the drawing for a $50 gift card Lacrosse Unlimited. Hit the goal 4 weeks in a month and the player is entered 4 times. Drawings will be held at the close of March, April and May.

How are Reps Reported?

WYL will be using a free app called SNYPR. Below are the steps for your player to get set up on SNYPR.

  1. Download the SNYPR app to a phone. (Click here for more detailed setup instructions.) Many families who use SNYPR will use an older, decommissioned phone. As long as a phone can connect to wifi, your player can use it.
  2. Create a Username & Password. To make it easy for us to identify our players, please use the username LAST NAME followed by Jersey Number, e.g. STUEHLER51. If your player already has a username, as long as it is recognizable to us, that's fine.
  3. Enter the 5 digit team code for your age group:
    • G12: 20217
    • G34: 33748
    • G56: 18081
    • G78: 65407
  4. Get an old sock, cut out the toe, and use it like a sleeve to hold the phone on the player's dominant throwing arm.
  5. Hit play on the app and start reps on the wall. Make sure that the sound on the phone is turned on and up. While your player is doing his reps, the phone will sound roughly every 10 reps. If it is not, reps are not being counted and adjustments may need to made.
  6. In the event you are having trouble getting your reps to upload to SNYPR, please take a screenshot of the screen showing your reps and submit it to us via this Google form.

Note: If a player has already downloaded and signed up for the SNYPR app (e.g., for their club lacrosse team), they can enter their Westwood Team Code in the Settings menu (gear icon).

Where Do I Do the Challenge?

The challenge can be completed on a bounceback, cement or brick wall (away from windows!) or the practice wall up at the High School at the end of the Multipurpose Field.

For any questions, please contact Cathy Molloy at or Treacy Kiley at