Boys' youth lacrosse program in Westwood, MA

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Greetings WYL Families!

Welcome to the Spring 2021 Westwood Youth Lacrosse Season! We are excited to get back out on the fields for a great season. Below you will find an overview which will be helpful to keep for future reference. Please take the time to read it over so you and your son are well-informed and well-prepared for a great season of lacrosse!


We are thrilled to be finally returning to play this Spring. As you can imagine, things will look a little different this year. First, we want to ask everyone to remain flexible and bear with us as our volunteer-run board works to manage to meet all of the state mandates for our return to play. Please help us by familiarizing yourself and your son with our COVID related policies and keeping current with any updates as they come. It’s vital that we all work as a team to ensure a safe return to play and to keep WYL out on the fields.


This season, all players will need a parent to complete the WYL COVID-19 Waiver prior to attending any practice or game sessions. Players without a completed waiver on file CANNOT be admitted to practices or games. If you have multiple sons in the program, you will need to complete a waiver for each player.

Since WYL will be using TeamSnap for state-mandated health checks and attendance tracking, all players will need to register with WYL on TeamSnap. The mandatory waiver is built into the TeamSnap registration process.

Click here to register with TeamSnap and complete your waiver.

A few pointers for registration:

  • If you already have a TeamSnap Account, the app should recognize you and present your player(s) as potential registrants. Use the radio button to select the player you wish to register.
  • If you have more than one player to register, select one of them on the opening screen and click “register participant.” On the next screen you will have two options to add additional players:
    • “Import Past Participant” Use this if your additional player is already in your TeamSnap Account.
    • “Add Another Participant” Use this if your additional player is NOT in the TeamSnap system.
  • Take this opportunity to include ALL guardian contact phone numbers and emails you wish to be used to contact you.
  • You will encounter a step for Participant Fees. There is NO CHARGE to register with WYL on TeamSnap.
  • Upon successfully completing your registration you should receive a confirmation email listing the player(s) you registered. Please ensure that each of your players are registered successfully with TeamSnap.

WYL COVID-19 Safety Policy

The WYL COVID-19 Safety Policy details current safety policies implemented to meet state guidelines for safe return to play. We are counting on you to make sure your family is familiar with and following these guidelines to ensure a safe return to play AND to keep WYL out on the fields.

Player and Family Expectations

The MBYLL has a code of conduct for coaches, players and parents. The league places great emphasis and value on always keeping a positive attitude and respecting your teammates, opponents, coaches and referees, no matter what the score. Poor sportsmanship is not acceptable. Although winning is great, our goal is for you to develop the skills, discipline, and attitude that will help you succeed later in life. Parents and other spectators help to set the appropriate tone and an example for our players, so the league has the following Spectator Code of Conduct:

  • Spectators will not criticize, taunt or otherwise disrespect officials, players or coaches from either team.
  • Spectators will offer only positive words of encouragement, preferably to both teams playing.
  • Spectators will not instruct players or coaches during games or practices.
  • Spectators will allow others around them to enjoy the game by not being overly boisterous or belligerent.
  • Spectators will stand on the opposite sideline from the team bench.
  • After the game, I will do my part by taking my trash with me and helping to clean up the field.

For a detailed description of the league codes of conduct for coaches, parents and players, please click here.



Westwood Youth Lacrosse league-wide communications will be sent via email using our website notification system. Messages will arrive from the address Please add this address to your contacts to ensure you receive messages. Team-specific communications will come from your coach. Please also refer to for answers to frequently asked questions and other helpful information.


This season, WYL will use TeamSnap to conduct the state-mandated Daily Health Attestations and to maintain accurate attendance records. Many of you are probably already familiar with TeamSnap from other sports your kids play. Please follow the link above to complete your mandatory TeamSnap registration and COVID-19 Waiver.

Additionally, you can follow us on:




Regular outdoor practices will start in late March or early April, as soon as the town has officially opened the fields. Please note, field conditions dictate when the fields can open; we’re at the mercy of mother nature and our New England weather! Full equipment is required at all practices.

Due to COVID field capacity guidelines, practices this year will be by team rather than by age division as in years past. We anticipate each team will have one practice per week on either Tuesday or Thursday beginning after 6pm. Younger players will have practice first followed by older players.

Final specific times and fields will be communicated by your coach once fields are confirmed.


Games are held on Sundays between 9am and 6pm. Our first games will be on 4/11 and the last games will be on 6/6. No games will be held on Easter Sunday or Memorial Day Weekend. Sunday field availability in Westwood is limited so each team will have at least 4 away games. We expect the game schedule to be set toward the end of March. Once schedules are set, they will be posted on the website under the teams tab and by your team’s COVID Safety Coordinator on TeamSnap.

Field Information

Thurston: grass fields behind the Middle School.

Flahive: turf field at the High School right on Nahatan Street.

Multipurpose: turf field behind the High School.

An Important Note about Fields and Schedules

Fields are at a high premium in Westwood. We are fortunate to have field time at Flahive, Multipurpose and Thurston. But, it’s important to note that High School and Middle School Athletics may preempt WYL on these fields from time to time. As a result, our schedule will always be subject to changes and coaches will communicate changes as early as possible. Given all of the capacity guidelines and schedule changes this year due to COVID19, including High Schools moving some fall sports to the Spring, this will be the case more than ever.


This year we will be offering limited indoor pre-season sessions for our less experienced players to help them get off to a good start to the season. Keep an eye out for additional information about these sessions.


Prior to attending his first practice, your son will need the equipment outlined here. MBYLL has arranged for three options for parents to purchase equipment at a discount.​

Uniforms & WYL Apparel Store

Uniform orders were due on February 1. If you missed the deadline, please reach out to Matt Stuehler at . Uniforms ordered this year will be mailed directly to your home from Atlantic Sportswear. If you still have not picked up your uniform from 2020, we will have those available for pick up at practices early in the season. Keep an eye out for an email with date, time and location info.

We recently had a preseason apparel store that ran for one week. If you missed the chance to order, we are planning to offer another 1-week store a few weeks into the season. Keep an eye out for an email with details and a link to the store.

Team Formation & Assignments

Team assignments are being made and you should be hearing from your son’s coach by mid-March. For G12 teams, we work to group players on teams with their classmates by elementary school. For G34 as well as G56 and G78 Classic teams, head coaches from each level collaborate to create balanced teams to ensure a positive experience for all players and optimal player development program-wide.

Call for Volunteers

As a 100% volunteer-run organization, WYL is always looking for dedicated volunteers. It’s a great way to get involved in your community, get to know other families and help give our boys a great lacrosse experience. Currently we are eager to hear from anyone interested in helping out in one of the following areas:​

  • Team COVID Safety Coordinator: Manage TeamSnap for your team including keeping the schedule updated and sending reminders to families to complete health checks and attendance in TeamSnap. Work with coaches to remind players and families about our COVID Safety policies.
  • G12 Assistant Coaches: No lacrosse experience required
  • Board and Administrative Positions: With many current board members’ sons aging out of the program in the next year, we’re seeking volunteers with younger sons in the program to ensure a smooth transition. Openings include: Field Coordinator, Referee Scheduling, Treasurer, Equipment Manager, and Director of Coaching.
  • Service Project Committee: Help choose, coordinate and plan our Spring Player Service Project.
  • Wildcard: Have an idea for another way you’d like to get involved? We’d love to hear from you.

Interested? Indicate your areas of interest HERE and we’ll contact you to answer questions and help you find a good match. Or, email Treacy Kiley at .

See you on the fields SOON!